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Participate in a NEO ICO

Taking part in a NEO ICO is slightly different from other ICOs you may have participated in.  For now, you will need to use the NEON wallet.  If you don’t have a NEON wallet, check out this guide to set one up.  The following guide will use the Narrative ICO as an example, but the steps will be the same for any other NEO ICO.


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Steps to participate in a NEO ICO

1. Open the NEON Wallet app and login using 1 of the 4 available methods (Saved wallet, Encrypted Key, Private Key, or Ledger)

NEON Wallet login options


2. Click the “Participate in a token sale” button

Button to participate in NEO ICO


3a. Read the important message!  Now there are 2 options here.  In this case NRVE was already added, so you can use the “Choose Token” drop-down to select it.  Notice the script hash and token name appear at the bottom. 

Choose NEO token that is already available


3b. If it had not been added, you would click the “+ Add a new token to purchase” button.  Then click the “+ Add a new token” button (1), enter the script hash of the token (2), and then click “Save” (3).

Click Add NEw Token for NEO ICO

Insert NEO ICO token details


4. Some ICOs allow for purchases with NEO and GAS.  Select the one you want to use from the “What are you purchasing with?” drop down and enter the “Amount” you are contributing.  In this example I want to contribute 1 NEO. 

Select contribution type and amount for NEO ICO


5. Check the box that matches the NEO ICO you are participating in.  In this example, I have it set to “I have checked – it performs verification”.  Click “Purchase!”.

Finalize the NEO ICO details


6. That’s it, now you should be able to refresh your account balance and the tokens should appear!  The NRVE sale is not live yet, so my balance is still 0, but the below screenshot shows where you can refresh and then see the balance. 

REfresh NEON Wallet balance and display new token



NEO is setting a standard for how to participate in an ICO.  There are so many scams going around and people have lost millions to the confusion around an ICO.  This makes participating in a NEO ICO a lot more safe.  While there is the possibility you could be scammed into sending to a bad script hash, it is not nearly as likely.  Always be careful though and triple check everything!  Check out the other NEO wallet guides and some exchange guides!  


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