Transfer NEO and NEO Based Tokens with the Neon Wallet

The Neon wallet has the ability to transfer NEO, GAS, and other NEO based tokens.  Before transferring a NEO based token though, you may need to add it to the wallet.  Check out this guide on adding a custom token to the Neon wallet for more information!  As always, be very cautious when sending any type of token and double check everything.


Transferring NEO and NEO Based Tokens

1. Open the Neon wallet app and login to your wallet.  If you need to set one up, or have trouble accessing it, check out this guide.

2. Click the “Send” button

Main Screen of your Neon wallet after logging into one


3. For this example I am sending 1 NEO.  There are 3 fields here that need to be filled in.  If I wanted to send a different token, I would just choose something else from the “Asset” drop-down list.

  • Amount – how much you want to send.  Note that NEO is not divisible, so you can only send whole numbers at a time.  GAS and other NEO tokens (unless specified) are divisible.
  • Asset – Use this drop-down to pick what you want to send.  If you have a NEO based token that is not appearing in the list, follow this guide to add it and then come back to these steps.
  • Address –  The NEO address you are sending the asset(s).  The Neon wallet also lets you save this to the address book, so you can easily re-use it later.

After clicking send buttons you need to fill out fields to transfer NEO or another NEO based token


4. After filling them in, click “Next

Filled in details to transfer neo and highlighted next button


5. Double check the details of the transaction, check the “I agree” box (1), and then click “Send Assets” (2). 

Validate transaction details, check the box to agree to the transaction, and click send assets


6. That’s it, you should be taken back to the main screen for your wallet.  There should be a new entry under the “Transaction History” section.  Note that it may take a minute or 2 to update. 

Transaction history section in your neon wallet to see the transfer of neo



Sending NEO and NEO based tokens from the Neon wallet is straightforward.  If you want to send something other than NEO, just use the drop-down box for the “Asset” field. Remember that NEO can only be sent in whole numbers though.  Check out the wallet tutorial page for more Neon wallet and other NEO wallet guides! 


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